Carve your Esports path into the top US universities

More than 100 universities and colleges in the United States offer scholarships for Esports athletes.
US schools spend about 15 million USD dollars on Esports scholarships per year.
Most of the scholarships cover half of the tuition fees, but some athletes obtain scholarships covering full tuition fees plus accommodation plus textbooks!
On CampusTeam platform Esports coaches and athletes can communicate directly. Be active!

CampusTeam helps future students to select an appropriate university with Esports program by major, location, amount of tuition and average SAT-score and apply for Esports scholarship.
Varsity coaches recruit Esports players in the teams by using CampusTeam cloud software with access to the database of athletes' resumes and gamers' profiles.
Any user gets their own page where they can make posts, publish news and share them with their friends on CampusTeam.
Built-in CampusTeam messenger makes the communication between coaches and prospective students easier.